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We are the spookiest team at Web Leagues!




I am Whindoe, your Team Leader.

Greetings you have come across our graveyard.
If you dare, come on inside.
Any ghost, vampire or gothic themed site will be suitable for our team.
But that doesn't mean we wont be taking other sites!
All are welcome here! If your brave enough!

We are a VE team, which means you can post the vote booth link
on VE Boards and/or in reminders lists.

Web Leagues operates on a four day voting week
and we are closed on the last week of every month.

Voting times and days are...
Monday Through Thursday, 12am CST to 11:59pm EST.

If you would like to join our team then please join here.

Please visit the team links to the left to take a look around our site!

Haunted Leagues is in need of an Assistant Team Leader!
If you'd like to apply for this position, please do so here:
Apply for ATL

Please take an image for your site!  There are more on our spirit page!




A special thank to our newest member who shared some images with me to create new page. Aye the Real Me and Linda ~ I couldn't have done it all without you both.


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Co-Owned by Alice.
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