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Team Text Cheers


Here are your Dragon Cheers to show spirit each week.

For posting team cheers you will be given an award.



Cheer #1


All eggs are hatched,

Dueling Dragons dispatched.

Fly and spread your wings,

its time for spirited things.

*Cheer* with zeal and fire,

let them know we have one desire.

Victory for Dragons will be,

a reality for all eternity.



Cheer #2


Dueling Dragons are here to cheer!

Fear our strength and might.

Feel the spirit of our fire.

Go, Go, Go Dragons!!



Cheer #3


We are united and proud.

~ Go Dragons Go ~

#1 in everyway and on top we will stay.

~ Cheer Dragons Cheer ~

We won't stop until we win.

Love for the Fantasy Leagues,

the Dueling Dragons will prevail.



Cheer #4


YAY Dragons YAY

When the smoke clears,

you will still see our **Cheers**

bellowing out for years and years.

We support and care for each other.

Hip-Hip-Hooray for Dueling Dragons!!



Cheer #5


Dragons spew out fireballs that dance in the sky,

the wind kicks in with swirling gust that cry:


D = Dynamic

U = Ultra

E = Energetic

L = Legendary

I = Integrity

N = Nimble

G = Guardian


D = Diverse

R = Reptilian

A = Armored

G = Glider

O = Opposing

N = Noisy

S = Smoke


All hear the loud declaration for miles around,

our cheers magnify with a robust sound.



Cheer #6


I'm a serpent who devours enemies but a great ally.

Will aid in victory and protect my teammates.

I have enormous wings to swoop down or soar up high,

to travel to and fro bellowing out loud my position...


Dueling Dragons Are The Best!!!

We Have The Fever For Victory

Our Goal Will Be Met With Success

Come On Dragons Tell Our Story









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