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This is more a statement of fact than a policy. This is what happens to any information that we collect. We don't collect much information about you. When you sign on you give the staff your name or pseudonym, your site name, your site's URL, and your birthday. This information goes from the owner, Amaranthine, to a me who then welcomes you. That means the information lives in on Gmail, my hard drive, and the Webleagues' server that is in India. The good news is that we do not sell it.

I am not sure what would happen if United States law enforcement ever became involved with a competitor. In my case, I will not divulge any information about you to law enforcement without either your permission or a search warrant or a subpoena. Other members of the staff may have different policies. I'm not sure what would happen if law enforcement from some other country comes knocking. Your best bet is to stay out of trouble.

When you fill out any type of form at the Webleagues, the information is sent via email into a staff member's inbox, usually Gmail if you are dealing with me, and it may or may not end up on his or her hard drive. Again, we don't sell this data.

When you vote at the Webleagues you do not have to use a real email address, just something that resembles one. This address along with your voting info ends up again, in a staff member's mailbox (in this team's case Gmail) and also on a server in India.

Where third parties become involved with the Webleagues, we and you end up abiding by their privacy rules. Gmail, the main culprit these days, has its own privacy policies. If you uncomfortable dealing with third parties, then avoid them. Our cheer board/forum is run by Proboards, and you can read their privacy policy is available. Again if you have issues with any of our third parties, please let me know. There are ways to earn spirit points on this team, that avoid most of the third party providers if any of what you see bothers you. I am happy to work with you to help you maintain your privacy.

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